Saturday, March 14, 2009

Seasonal Menu Plan:::Monique

I finally did it! I put together an entire menu for March, April, and May.

This is what it looks like. I then use my weekly planner and pull off what we would like for the week and then go shopping. I did a special meal for this week since Tuesday is St. Patrick's Day but other then that they all came from this master plan. I'll post more about this tomorrow or Monday.

It does help with the shopping also. I have a good idea when we go to Sam's or Vitamin Cottage how many of something I will need for the next three months. We can't afford to buy everything at once for all three months but the cheaper things I can pick up and then more expensive items (like meat) we decided we would only buy a months worth.


  1. Hi I came over here from slacker school. I have done bi weekly menu's for a couple of years now but have though endlessly about doing a monthly one. I would love to know what program you used and how long it took. I agree that in planning your meals it is handy to have and great on the pocket book. Not to mention there is no "what are we having to eat?".
    I will definetly be checking back here often for ideas to eat in.


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