Monday, December 29, 2008

Good Neighbors:::Gina

One idea, that isn't so much of an idea as an observation I suppose, is to have a buddy to undertake any kind of food-based challenge with. A couple of years ago, Miche and I did a Once-a-Month-Cooking day (which was infinitely more fun with two), after which we each had a month's worth of entrees in our freezers.

My sister watches my kids about once a week, during which she is often tempted to take them out for fast food. I proposed that instead of doing that, she make lunch for them, in exchange for which I'll cook her dinner one night. That saves me from feeling obligated to send money for her, and probably keeps her from eating out one night each week, as well.

Tonight, Jenn (one of A Year Without Eating Out's contributors, knew I was going to be tired and sorely tempted to eat out after being up for a birth all night long. She offered to throw an extra pan of cornbread in the oven with her own to help with our meal for the evening. Since we always have soup nearby in some form or another, this was very helpful. Some day when she's under the weather or busy for whatever reason I'll be sure to pay it forward and take something over for her family.


So, consider using a buddy system if you can. If nothing else, you'll have an ear, shoulder, and smile. But you might just have dinner some night.

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