Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Winter Greens:::Jenn

What's not to love about a dish with this much color? Last night I took 1/2 a cabbage and a small bunch of Kale and chopped them roughly to saute in a skillet with garlic onion and a touch of olive oil. I served it over some pre-cooked pasta ( I frequently cook some extra pasta to have an easy meal addition later) with scratch corn bread and a pitcher of wellness tea. The chicken was bartered, and I cooked it in the new crock-pot for a few hours with just enough water for moisture. It came out very tender and with enough leftovers to make chicken enchilada casserole for tonight's dinner. I would estimate cost at about $3.25 for the meal and I have over half of a pan of corn bread left, lunch for DH to pack, and a good start on tonight's meal. My kids ate it all (they love cabbage with an abandon unnatural to childhood) but said it had a bit too much onion this time. Though I struggle to keep a balance between cost and nutrient dense foods, I am always pleasantly reminded how well things like kale and cabbage do both. On a time note, this was not as consuming as it might appear. The chicken went into the crock pot in the late morning and the corn bread took only a few minutes (even with lots of little girl help). Come dinner time, all I had to do was chop and saute the greens and warm up the pasta. Somehow a little time here and there during a day at home seems so much less effort than something that takes an hour to prepare right at dinner time--especially as we are trying to also get ready for bed and straighten up after day of wreaking havoc upon the tiny place we call home.


  1. This sounds yummy, Jenn. I make similar dish with udon noodles and carrots instead of kale. We sprinkle aminos or soy sauce on it. Everyone like it except my daughter. It's one of the few meatless meals my crew will eat.

  2. That sounds great! I may have to try that later. e struggle with cooked carrots though. Love them raw but not always cooked.