Monday, December 29, 2008

It's a Charlotte:::Jenn

Well, as I have had the funky fridge problem going on, I am determined to have every thing we eat come out of there so it will be empty as soon as possible. This should be an adventure in culinary creativity.

First up on the list is a Charlotte. Our version began with leftover angel food cake and whipped cream from our Baby Jesus birthday cake. We added the only gelatin in the house (which happened to be strawberry) and a sleeve of lady fingers leftover from making a tiramisu cake for a friend's birthday so long ago, I refuse to admit who it was. Either the cake or the lady fingers would have been fine but as we didn't have enough of either--voila, a new version. So you layer the cake/cookies in the bottom of the pan followed by the gelatin/whipped cream mixture. Continue layering until you run out of something (in my case room in the dish). Finish off with either cake (for a traditional cake that can be turned out), or cream mix (to allow it to soak up into more of a pudding cake that will probably serve with a spoon). We used the second method based upon available materials and then put it into the fridge for dessert tonight. Now, made fresh this would be about $3 for the cake, $1 for the organic whipping cream and about $1 for the gelatin, but mine was all leftover from already allocated events and a box of gelatin that had been in my cupboards forever (and probably a gift from my grandma since it's the sorta thing she tends to give us). Therefore, I count it as a free item!

Edited later for taste opinions. While they were completely excited to make and to taste our creation, both girls found it way too sweet. Must be the combination of sweet gelatin, whipped cream and cookies! Next time I think I would steer more towards a fruit puree filling and more cake.

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