Friday, January 2, 2009

A Dollop:::Jenn

It's amazing to me how just a bit of a special ingredient can take a food and make it truly special, or in the kids' case, edible. My family does not love lentil soup. I do not understand this failing in their character. Having tried everything, including repeatedly exposing them to large quantities (after all, I love it) I am continually disappointed that none of them looks at this wonder soup with anything but grim resolution to get through the meal. Due to extreme frugality, convenience, ease of preparation, and nutritional value, this soup makes it on our table at least twice a month. Today I served leftover cornbread on the side (always a hit) and a dollop of sour cream for the top, and it went over really well. I won't claim they hungered for more, but all three ate well and that's always a good lentil day. The point of all this being, of course, that even simple fare that is not a favorite can be transformed (almost) by a touch of luxury.

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