Wednesday, January 7, 2009

On The Go:::Jenn

While I had planned some lovely picture of these plump and tasty little life-savors, my Bug had other ideas. I try to keep something in my "Mama Bag" so that when we are out running and time gets away from us I don't give into the temptation to pick something up. This started last summer when we kicked the fast-food machine habit for good and is still serving us well. Yesterday we were running what was supposed to be one errand, but turned into three errands and a favor. The clock took us past the lunch hour and only the small bags of nuts and apricots saved us from giving into the blood sugar crashing monster that is the eternal foe of unprepared souls from not-eating-out land. Dry fruit, nuts and, a few LaraBars are the standard answer to kiddie hunger pains when we are not at home. They keep well forever in my bag, are high in actual food value, and the girls will eat them--especially when hungry. So, when I got home and decided to do a picture for this posting, my little one decided that they had made her tummy very happy and that I "just had to do the picture with a smiley face."

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