Saturday, January 3, 2009

My Own Confession:::Gina

Okay, I can't let Lisa be the only one to confess today. So, I'd arranged last month for a friend and fellow childbirth educator to observe one of my December classes, but wouldn't you know we'd had a horrible snowstorm that day and she wasn't able to make it. I'd promised a Starbucks treat if she'd bring herself into town to do this for me, and so when we rescheduled for today, I couldn't very well withhold her treat, now, could I?

So, I took my friend to Starbucks. I'd pretty much decided plain coffee would be an allowable thing for me to get since I am often up late and long, and sometimes the families whose births we attend are :::gasp::: non-coffee drinkers! But, I kind of HAD to get a baked good today so that my friend wouldn't be self-conscious ordering. So, there ya go. I got plain coffee and a piece of gingerbread.

Mea culpa.

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