Friday, January 16, 2009

Eggplant Parmesan in a Frenzy:::Jenn

The time is ticking away and I have not yet accomplished the dinner goals previously set by an overly ambitious morning shopper. The same one who looked at these lovely eggplants in the store and heard their call to become something tasty.

Instead they sit all too whole and tidy. Finally, determination and frenzy strike the cook...

and slicing commences. Such a small first step, but the lovely quater-inch planks inspire more frenzy.

Next, we tackle those googly eyes (well we actually put the munchkin to work upon them as they were a bit intimidating with that milky stare).

A quick dip in the pool...

oh crumb! #@&**@#!' action...

and into the fire we go. This tried and true mix of olive oil, a bit of smart balance to raise the smoking point and a touch of butter to kick up the flavor (and the calories) yields tender and tasty morsels every time.

Out of the fire they came, and into a roasting pan to be layered with mozzarella (courtesy of the Bug) on a thin bed of marinara sauce.

Dump the extra oil and add a splash of red wine for deglazing the pan, whoosh! I tossed in the rest of the marinara to warm and meld flavors before...

spooning on top of the cheese and broiling for about 5 minutes.

Out came that oozy, gooey wonderfulness that is baked cheese. So we kissed it with a bit of Parmesan for company...

and served it with a chair of bowlies.

Layered on a bed of greens, this was a meal fit for royalty. Or maybe it just tasted that way to a hungry crowd, but we all ate too much!

A bit later than our usual 5:40PM supper time, but well worth the wait. Another meal saved by the frenzied chef.

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